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Duomo Hotel, Rimini, Italy

Duomo Hotel, Rimini, Italy
Duomo Hotel, Rimini, Italy Duomo Hotel, Rimini, Italy Duomo Hotel, Rimini, Italy Duomo Hotel, Rimini, Italy Duomo Hotel, Rimini, Italy Duomo Hotel, Rimini, Italy

The Duomo hotel existed in the historic centre of Rimini - one of Italy’s established seaside resorts - unchanged for many year until 2003 when Ron Arad associates were asked to redesign it as way to address the changing demand area and attract a younger clientele.

The hotel is situated in a narrow street typical of Emilia-Romagna area, with a wide façade and in close proximity to the façade opposite. This condition suggested that the articulation of the façade and the carving of its new identity into the fabric of the existing building would be a successful means of connecting the hotel to the street and would be a first important step in the design process.

The existing façade is wrapped in a new skin of bronze which meanders its way inside the building forming the back wall of the bar and terminating in the profile of a bench seat. In this way the interior and the street are connected.

The bar itself is a large island with fjord-like scoops routered out of it for the patrons to eat and drink at. The bar top is formed in mild steel and its sides are finished in mirror polished stainless steel, creating distorted reflections which highlight the activity in the bar. in summer three glass roller shutters at ground floor disappear into the façade opening the bar up to the street.

The rooms have soft, round lines, in which the possibility to see and communicate with the outside is directly proportionate to the desire to hide or be seen, playing with day and night in a movement of light and shadow that evokes the idea of an infinite space. The quality of the service and our people is surprising and is part of the magic of the surroundings.

By day the Duomo hotel is somewhere to relax or the perfect place to hold a meeting where you can communicate using the business center which includes rooms for meetings, seminars and presentations.
The exclusive "Nomi club & bar" provides light meals, an excellent italian wine list, pre-dinner drinks and a large selection of cocktails.

By night the Duomo hotel becomes a focal point for people who want to have fun and listen to music.
Those who want to can let themselves become part of Rimini’s exclusive nightlife, which offers the best of the dance music scene with some of the world´s most famous DJs spinning in "Nomi club & bar".

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